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Clearer Documentation

Anyone that has used the documentation for Atlassian’s products knows that it isn’t always easy to use or provides the answers that you seek. I love Atlassian’s products, but all too often I would find myself searching for an answer on how to do something on their wikis and finding out of date answers or no answers at all. Worse still, I would find myself in wiki hell – a page with nothing but a series of links to other pages with pages that linked to further still more pages.

I just wanted to learn how to accomplish a task. Reading thru the comments on these pages, I realized that I wasn’t the only one that was frustrated. I became fed up one day at work and went over to Hover to register this domain. I want to provide clearer documentation to the Atlassian products that I use so that others can quickly solve their issue and get back to work. I provide a more task-centric form of documentation on how to solve your problem. Atlassian’s products are great and your time should be spent using them rather than configuring them.

Maximize Atlassian's Products

The product suite provided by Atlassian really is centered around how teams work today. What makes these tools so valuable is how each one complements and integrates with the other. Jira Software (formerly Jira Agile) integrates easily and in ways that make sense with Jira Service Desk, Bitbucket and SourceTree, Bamboo and Clover. The entire spectrum is covered. You can document projects with Confluence, communicate with the team using HipChat, and conduct code reviews with Crucible. The way these products integrate with one another is Atlassian’s true strength and the most compelling reason to use their tools.

I must also mention their pricing model. For small teams (less than 10), their products are practically free. While we don’t necessarily like the jump in pricing from 11 users to 25 users, they are priced to grow with your company. What is more is that many of the add-on vendors follow a similar pricing scheme. When you consider the modular nature of their products, they are quite affordable to get started with and grow with your company.

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I’m certainly no Jira expert – I came from a background of working on large projects that took more than 2 years to accomplish. It was common for me to write 150-200 page project documents covering all aspects of the project. It was only at my current job that I became exposed to Jira as a bug-tracking tool. As the decision was made to use Jira Agile and Confluence, I started reading the documentation on how to set them up and use them. This is where my frustration began.

Over time, I’ve learned some things about how to do the most common tasks in Atlassian’s products and felt that the community could benefit from a more direct way to solve problems. I’d also like to use this site to discuss what I have found works for us in Jira, what plugins I have found valuable, and some of the best practices that I have found using their products. In no way do I know everything there is to know about Jira, but I’d like to share what I know with you and we can grow as project managers together.